About Us

Who is Manpreet


Manpreet is a Certified Personal and Business Coach, and a Certified Human Resources Professional with a Masters in Organizational Management. As a Personal Coach, Manpreet offers specialized Grief Coaching to people experiencing loss in their lives. Outside of her coaching practice, Manpreet is also the founder and CEO of veza, a community of women who are changing the face of leadership. Veza seeks to equalize pay gaps and increase diversity around the boardroom through training, workshops, international trade missions, executive and career coaching. Manpreet has over 15 years of leadership and community development expertise and has worked with notable organizations including: UN affiliate: Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, City of Vancouver, University of British Columbia, Blenz Coffee, 7-Eleven, as well as a host of tech and biotech companies, Canadian political parties, and non-profit organizations. Manpreet is also a current Board Member of the British Columbia Institute of Technology Alumni Board of Directors, past Board Member of Royal Roads University, and has served on various arts and health boards. Manpreet is a twice contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul and a contributing author to the best selling Amazon book—365 Days to the Soul.

Our Approach


With the combination of Akashic records, emotional intelligence and coaching techniques, Manpreet has seen success in supporting individuals in creating a new normal. When we focus on the emotional mastery, we will see tangible success in other areas of our life. The stories reflect business success but in order to see quantifiable results, they needed to increase their confidence, sense of worth and understand what is their identity after they experienced loss

Success stories include:

  • A struggling Life Coach went from earning a minimum wage to running a six-figure coaching business in 12 months. 
  • A Ph.D. graduate with unstable relationships at home and an unfulfilling part-time position landed a full-time role at a university, while healing her relationship with her partner and step-children. An unsatisfied stay-at-home wife became the COO of a new company she founded with her partner. 
  • A frustrated Financial Consultant who was always passed over for promotions made her successful transition to a new firm. One where she is fully respected and valued, and finally earning a 6 figure salary. 
  • A newly self-employed consultant refined her value proposition and growth strategy to earn $9,000 / month only 3 months after launching her business.

Why Us?


Having experienced personal loss combined with the professional experience, Manpreet is able to be empathic and understand the impact grief has on leaders. Leaders can be left to feel lost, alone and misunderstood. This is why it is important to work with someone who has the professional background and the personal experience to support you to move through to the next stage of understanding your new identity and creating your new normal.